Short Term Car Insurance and Carp

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My son recently graduated from the Academy of Carp Fishing in Big Butt, Alabama. I rented a friendís í91 Chrysler to make the haul to his campus. The day before the big event, I went online and shopped for some temporary car insurance. The owner had no insurance whatsoever, so I thought Iíd better get some. It turns out temporary car insurance is a perfect fit for a guy like me. I donít need a whole year-long policy; I just need it for a few days to pick up Jasper and his imaginary friend.

Jasper looked proud up on the stage, accepting his diploma from ďDon, the Carp KingĒ Lewis. The King started this fine institution in hopes of sharing his carp fishing knowledge with others, thus providing the next generation of carp anglers. Itís important to Don and he really pulled out all the stops to make the graduation ceremony memorable. There were paper-mache carp heads on every table.

I went over to the carp-cleaning seminar provided free of charge for friends and family. . It was a very interesting demonstration and I had no idea a crap would eat a medical syringe! My son knows all about this sort of technical stuff since getting his B.C. (Bachelor of Carp). Jasper told me when he signed up at the college three weeks ago, that a B.C. carried a lot of weight in the employment world. I imagine it does.

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After loading the car with Jasperís belongings and his invisible friend, we drove to the Pig Trough to get some supper. I hadnít eaten at a Pig Trough since my boss took everyone out for lunch 23 years ago. I ordered the Disgusting Pig platter and Jasper chose the Swine Epidemic. We barely talked as we devoured the food over the next several hours. We split a Hog Slop for desert and belched in delight!

I thought that the ride home would be a good time to have a father-son talk about the important things in life. Jasper and I donít usually talk much and I wanted to know what was going on in his head. I asked him what he thought about most of the time and he told me usually thought about food, carp and girls. He said that was also the order of importance to him. I asked if there were any girls at the Carp Academy and he said he didnít think so. There was one guy with a very high voice, but that was it. Jasper said the food was good at the school and he learned a lot about how a carp thinks.

Jasper asked if I had gotten any temporary car insurance before leaving home. I assured him I would never borrow someoneís car without getting temporary car insurance. I asked Jasper how he knew such things and he told me his invisible friend used to be an insurance salesman.


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