French Rock Bands

Is French rock and roll a new animal? Hardly. It has been around a long while and has just as many genres as other countries all over the world. Becoming mainstream with youth has allowed so many options that the creativity musically as well as lyrically is growing. Rock's popularity is dominated by young adults and many are more attracted to English speaking bands rather than their native language, but there is select music.

People looking for French songs with a pop rock sound will be pleased to find a broad network of love songs to those delving in political messages. Even if French is not understood, there can be a great connection to the sound, transporting thought to a bustling Parisian scene or the laid back countryside. However, as broad as the range of material is, French pop charts are strangely lacking in younger French-born pop stars. Many are from a decade or more ago that have never regressed in popularity or have periodic re-surge.

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Metal is a European favorite in the Scandinavian countries, but France has also adapted to the more heavy and discriminating sound. This genre in itself has a broad spectrum that has been encompassed in more traditional metal sound into more specific black metal and death metal with vibrant growls. One only has to listen to appreciate the blood that pulses through it. Mythology and medieval influenced lyrics are very popular for lyrics of these metal tunes. Historic battles are favourite topics. Traditionally classical pieces seem to flow easily into this type of music more so than any other type of rock and some of France's rock bands are among those to do symphonic metal. Concerts are very popular for fans to enjoy thrashers and high energy headbangers.

Nightclubs are very popular with university aged youths and other young people. Many feature techno music that moves the mind and body with its flashing lights and distinct rhythms. It's great to dance to or just party with friends. It's loud and in your face. Electronics play a big part of this not just in the light show, but in the way the music itself is made. Synthesized instruments and electronic drums, computer generated, meld with the whole club atmosphere. A good DJ will rock the house. Even though France has a lot of traditional music, club rock seems very much at home here. Clubs are also a popular venue for French punk rock, having its place among the more miscreant loving.

Still, there are the old time classic American/British rock and roll sound, blues rock, and folk rock songs that span age and social groups. Remakes in French may differ slightly with translation, but still have the power to get drivers singing in their cars and showers or with groups of friends just having fun. The popularity of French rock bands of all sorts continues to grow.

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